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Our primary goal is to arm you with information that helps build or enhance your relationships. To achieve that, many aspects of your life –emotional, physical, sexual, family matters – need to be in sync.

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If life issues are preventing you from living the way you want, finding information that will help you – and acting on it – can improve your quality of life. You’ll find many options out there to assist you, including professionals like doctors, therapists or counselors, your family and friends or self-help techniques.

This booklet focuses on the self-help side by offering a comprehensive list of books and websites that can lead you to useful information as you seek to resolve personal issues.

  • The adult section includes resources on: Addictions, Brain/Mood Disorders, Interactions with Others, Life Lessons and Sexuality.

  • The children/teens section includes resources on: ADD/ADHD, Bullying, Depression and Life Skills.

  • On the final pages, you’ll find a website quick reference guide with links to several helpful sites.

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