Free Dating Advice Tips Can Help Create Great Early Dates

When you’re involved in the “dating dance,” free dating advice tips can help you maximize the potential of your connection with someone new. How you behave and communicate during these early dating experiences will determine if your date wants to keep hanging out with you, or whether he or she is going to quickly show you the door.

One of the universal free dating advice tips is to treat your date the way you like to be treated.

Most people are looking for honesty, commonality and real personality when they’re getting to know someone. If you show these traits early on, you’ll impress your date with your true self. In addition to showing your true self, here are some of the generally accepted free dating advice tips that can help you:

Make an effort with your appearance

This one should go without saying. Fresh breath, clean hair, nice outfit. No date will be impressed if you look like a slob.

Remember your manners

This doesn’t just mean being polite to your date. Of course be courteous to that person, but also to others you meet during your date (like wait staff). How you treat other people shows your date a lot about how you’ll treat him or her in the future.

Be attentive

Turn off your cell phone. Don’t check out other guys or gals in your vicinity. Even if you bump into someone you know, make the contact brief. Your dating relationship will likely end quickly if you’re not paying rapt attention to your date.

Plan ahead

Early dates are most comfortable if they happen in public places–and if you plan what you’re going to do beforehand. Taking time to do this shows your date that you care enough to make an effort by thinking about activities that can be fun, comfortable and enjoyable for you both. If you’re a guy asking a woman out, you can bet she’ll want some idea of your destination so she’s dressed appropriately. She’s won’t be too thrilled with you if she’s dressed to the nines when you’ve planned a nature walk and didn’t tell her. Planning and communication are two of the free dating advice tips that can make it work. Some people even decide in advance who’s going to pay–are you sharing the costs, or is the person who arranged the date responsible?

Pick appropriate things to discuss

Most daters will tell you that free dating advice tips should include a ban on talking about your ex. If the subject comes up, keep the info to a minimum and move on. Your date doesn’t want to be your therapist and hear all about your past disappointments. Stick with topics that appear to interest you both. Go into deeper topics only if you’re getting signals that it’s okay to go there. If you’re really listening and watching your date’s body language, you’ll know what topics are arousing his or her interest.

Use body language appropriately

Early date communication is all about listening. Nothing will impress your potential partner more than conveying the message that you’re actively listening to him or her. People like to be heard; take in what the person is saying. Ask questions. Exchange information. Ask more questions. Maintain comfortable eye contact. And tread carefully regarding personal contact. Hand holding, goodnight kisses, a casual arm around your date–you need to read the signals to know if any of these things are appropriate on your early dates.

Stay sober

It’s okay to have a drink or two if you can stay sober. Having a drink can be relaxing and make you feel more at ease, facilitating the flow of conversation. But don’t overdo it. Too much alcohol will take you away from who you really are and you’ll show a side of yourself you don’t want your date to see.

Bail if necessary

Getting-to-know-you dates are best kept short. Some experts suggest not booking a weekend event until at least the third or fourth date. Others suggest planning two activities on early dates. If you’re not connecting after the first activity, end it there. If you are, go onto the second activity. Sometimes, despite your initial interest in someone, you just won’t connect. You’ll probably know quite quickly if there’s any chemistry between you. If there’s not, don’t be afraid to bail out.

These free dating advice tips can help pave the way for comfortable, well-planned excursions that allow you to learn about each other and figure out what the future holds.

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