Whether it’s tips about romance, managing money or household chores, free relationship advice is something you’ll both give and receive.

All of this is well and good as long as you remember one thing: even with advice, no relationship is perfect. You’ll still have to work things out, talk things over and try to figure out where you stand.

Stripped down to basics, free relationship advice is about understanding and compromise.

The best kind of advice is tips that make things run more smoothly. Most advice centers on the little everyday things. This makes sense because these are the things you shouldn’t have to worry about; there are many larger issues that you’ll have to deal with, so you don’t want to be sweating the small stuff all the time.

Basic Free Relationship Advice And Tips

  • Stick to the issue…the worst thing you can do during a fight is turn it into a mud-slinging match. You’re mad at a problem, not each other. Bringing in faults or past mistakes will make the situation worse.

  • Know that you will fight…even with free relationship advice, you’ll still have to deal with issues. This doesn’t mean you have a weak marriage or relationship, just a normal one.

  • Understand the value of humor…trying to make a joke during an argument can be ill-timed, but remembering that life is not so serious helps you keep things in perspective. You’re less likely to argue in the first place if you can laugh about the things you can't control.

  • Sometimes, you have to wait…even when an issue seems pressing, wait to talk if you’re both upset. Give yourself and your partner time to think things over before you both say something you regret. This doesn’t mean forgetting the issue forever, but rather letting it cool before tackling it. You may find it’s not so important after a day's reflection anyway.

  • It's all about the differences…learn to love your partner's quirks and habits. While some may annoy you (and for sure they will!), you can’t demand that they change everything to suit you, just as they can't ask that of you. While some requests are reasonable (like not dumping their shoes in the middle of the living room because you’re always tripping over them), let go of the little things and don’t try to change your partner. Accept your differences and learn to reach a balance point.

This is all very basic free relationship advice but you’d be amazed at how many people fail to embrace it. These are often the same people who believe a relationship should be perfect and couples should never fight.

The last piece of free relationship advice we can give is this: if you love each other, you can work your way through your issues, usually just by sitting down and talking them out. If that’s not working, find an expert to help you navigate through your issues.

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