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Real relationship advice for real people. That’s what you’ll find here at Whether you’re in a long-term commitment or starting something special with someone new, all of us dream of achieving that “perfect mix” that brings intimacy, joy and fulfillment.

To be truly happy, many aspects of our lives–emotional, physical, sexual, family matters–need to be in sync for this ultimate commitment to work. A perfect relationship doesn’t just happen. It takes effort to align all our “planets” so we can achieve the kind of relationship we want.

While our significant other can bring great joy, emotions, upbringing, “baggage” and personality traits can sabotage a spirit of unity. Over time, we might lose sight of that “perfect mix” if disappointment, anger and resentment build. These ups and downs can counteract true intimacy and passion–they may even destroy a relationship for good–and we find ourselves searching for relevant relationship advice.

  • Perhaps you’re eager to learn tips and techniques that will help you communicate better as a couple.

  • Maybe you’re single or divorced and want some “Dating 101” info that will help you navigate these waters.
  • Maybe you think you’ve reached a point of no return in your relationship and need to decide whether to stay or go.

  • Perhaps life stress is overwhelming your relationship and you’re looking for ways to manage this obstacle.

  • You may be wondering how to resolve addiction or infidelity issues that cast shadows on your life.

  • Or maybe you’re just looking for general relationship advice that will help you and your partner understand each other better.

At, we arm you with information that helps build or enhance trust, intimacy and understanding. We provide helpful, benefit-based articles on topics including communication, stress, the impact of infidelity and addictions, plus tips for people starting new romances.

Every relationship is different and each couple develops its own dynamics of what works for them. We hope our articles can help you achieve the intimacy, joy and fulfillment you want in your life. We add new articles all the time, so come back often!

Relationship Advice Blog
Articles on relationships.
Addicted To Sex? Get Help Now To Save Your Relationship
If you or your partner is addicted to sex, read here to find out why you need to get help.
Motivational Sayings Like “I Love You Unconditionally” Can Deepen Your Bond
Motivational sayings + unconditional love = relationship happiness
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Free dating advice tips can help you on the path to romance . . .
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Romantic Dating Tips Show Her How Much You Care
Romantic dating tips help men understand what women really want.
My Parents Hate My Boyfriend (Or Partner)! What Should I Do?
If you're in a situation where "My parents hate my boyfriend" (or partner), here's some relationship advice.
Preventing Infidelity Means Understanding Why It Happens
Want to avoid a marital meltdown? Read this article to find out how you and your spouse can focus on preventing infidelity.
Free Relationship Advice Can Improve How You Interact
Fed up with your partner? Take a break for some free relationship advice. Click here for more . . .
Marriage Separation Help For Parents
If you’re in the process of determining whether to divorce, solid marriage separation help can assist you in navigating these uncharted waters. Click here for five tips . . .
Stress Reducing Activities to Put You And Your Partner In A Better Frame Of Mind
Bring more joy to your relationship with stress reducing activities . . . read on to learn how.
Free Ebook of Relationship Resources
This free ebook lists hundreds of resources to help you resolve relationship issues.
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