All of us get affected by stress-that’s natural and normal. But often we're seeking stress reducing activities so our problems don't overwhelm mind and body, not to mention, our relationship.

The way we respond to stress can bolster or harm the people we spend the most time with, particularly our life partner. When stress gets overpowering, it can create devastating physical and mental issues.

To help avoid that dark place, there are several simple stress reducing activities you can try. Read on to learn how to control your response to stressful life situations.

Stress Reducing Activities

stress reducing activity

Guided Imagery or Visualization Technique- A well-known method that is used to reduce stress, this unique system requires you to project positive images of well-being and peace onto an invisible screen in your brain. You will need to visualize that everything is okay and that no stress level can harm you in any way. Visualization is also a method that introduces a method called “self talk” where you will instruct your brain to be at peace and accept only the positive and the best.

Self Hypnosis - Another of the famous stress reducing activities is self-hypnosis, a technique that helps you discipline your mind. You need to be very careful, though, as improper use of this technique could introduce negative thoughts and instructions to your brain, which is dangerous and detrimental.

Journaling – This is a popular reduce stress method that involves your self effort in writing down everything that happens in a day. Youwrite down all those things that actually cause stress in your body. You can also quantify the extent of each stimulus to know how far your body progressed in experiencing the stress event.

Meditation - Another of the popular stress reducing activities is meditation, an ancient method used widely all over the world. Meditation requires you to choose a place that is calm, quiet and serene to sit without any disturbance.

Yoga - For some, yoga is far superior to any other body/mind rejuvenation method. Several yogic postures are designed to bring down stress in your body. Find a yoga professional to learn the techniques of yoga.

Breathing Exercises - This technique is popular in many countries. It assumes that by controlling how you breathe in and out, you can also control common body functions and events.

Playing Games - Playing indoor or outdoor games will not only reduce stress, but also helps you achieve physical and mental fitness and spend time with your partner, or others you're close to.

Lovemaking – Sexual activity is known to reduce stress, and it’s fun, too!

Laughter – It’s really true that laughter is one of the best medicines. By laughing, you’ll reduce stress, loosen your facial muscles and help your body absorb more oxygen.

Listening to Music - When you listen to your favorite music, you can rest and relax at your own pace. And if you listen with your partner by your side, you can build intimacy in your relationship.

Gardening - Working in your garden, alone or with your partner, will provide an opportunity to mingle with the magnificent world of plants and flowers and take your mind off your troubles.

Healthy Diet - Eating good food and drinking healthy beverages will help reduce stress. There are many stress busting foods and drinks in your kitchen. Consult your nutritionist to learn more.

Reading/Movies - These are some of the most common stress reducing activities. Pick books and films that can remove your mind from the stresses of your life and work.

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