Don't Look Up Divorce Rights - First See If You Can Resolve Your Communication Breakdown

Divorce rights? When couples’ communication breaks down and you think there’s no solution in sight, you might feel the only option is to end your marriage. Before taking that step, consider whether communications are the core factor in your unhappiness. If so, there could be techniques to get your communications back on track and avoid the repercussions of divorce rights.

Let’s take the classic example of misplaced car keys. The two of you are rushing around trying to find your keys when you’re already late getting out the door. One of you shouts at the other, "You need to open your eyes and organize yourself better!" Instead of being supportive, you lash out. Instead of organizing yourselves so the keys are always left in the same place, you’re frustrated and blaming.

An off-hand comment like this often shines a light on undercurrents of misunderstanding and lack of compassion that have been coursing through your relationship for some time. One partner feels aggrieved about something, the other responds inadequately and hurt feelings follow. It’s a vicious cycle. Over time, it can lead to one of you giving up.

Communication is a fickle thing; lines get blurred, especially when feelings are involved. A few cutting words, hurt feelings, a defensive retort . . . silly arguments can be deeper symptoms of something that’s been simmering away for weeks, months, even years, until frustrations reach a breaking point. For many, that breaking point is considering divorce rights and ending the marriage.

How can you counteract this situation? Make a joint agreement to communicate, communicate, communicate! When two people live together, you must adjust to each other’s routines, habits and attitudes. Teamwork is paramount.

Calmly voice frustrations before they boil over. Regularly talk about your feelings without judgment or consequences. You might be able to do this as a couple, or you may enlist the support of a friend or professional counselor who can listen to the way you’re communicating with each other and offer insights and advice.

Suppressing your feelings, rather than expressing them, isn’t a good recipe for a happy relationship. Stress and guilt often block effective communication. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in your own emotions that you forget to think of the other person. Talking things out before they get out of hand is the best way to expose and resolve miscommunication.

Let the healing begin. With good teamwork and open, effective communication, you might end up asking why you considered divorce rights at all.

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