Your Romantic Adult Getaway – Make It Count!

Are you suffering from that common complaint–not enough time or energy for sex? A romantic adult getaway can help put things right. Carving out some serious, committed alone time with your loved one gives you a chance to reconnect emotionally, spiritually and sexually and revitalize your relationship.

A successful romantic adult getaway depends on many factors. Do you want it to be a surprise, or is it something you want to plan together? Can your arrangements allow you both to leave your stresses behind so you can focus solely on each other’s minds and bodies? What can you do to ensure that you strengthen your intimacy and love for one another? Is it all about the lovemaking, or do you want to talk about the growth of your relationship?romantic adult getaway

Knowing the answers to these questions can plant the seeds of a memorable, exciting sojourn. Notes Sari Locker, Ph.D., in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex (Third Edition), “When you’re miles away from home without a care in the world, you can relax, unwind, and have some of the hottest sex ever.”

So how do you make your romantic adult getaway the best it can be? First, make a plan. What type of accommodations do you want? Cabin, hotel, B&B–what location will help create the best type of intimacy for you both? Does it matter if there are good restaurants or attractions nearby, or are you planning to spend most of your time alone with each other? Do you want to fly to a distant location, or would driving somewhere closer help your relationship by giving you endless hours to talk and reconnect on the road? Finally, what arrangements do you need to make for your family? Find someone you trust to care for your children so you don’t have to worry about what’s going on at home. Think about leaving your cell phone behind. As long as your family knows where to reach you in case they have to, your romantic adult getaway is a unique opportunity to focus all your attention on each other.

Once those basics are established, work on the romance. Is this trip an opportunity to explore fantasy lovemaking? Is some sexy, new lingerie on your shopping list? Maybe it’s time to buy that sex toy you’ve been dying to try. Or make love on the beach or in the woods while you’re enjoying a romantic picnic.

Are you staying somewhere that will work with you, say by sprinkling rose petals on your bed or marking your arrival with a bottle of champagne on ice? Do you want to indulge in pure sexual decadence and spend most of your time in bed, relying totally on room service for sustenance? Maybe you’re looking to rekindle some nostalgia by returning to your first holiday destination or honeymoon hotel.

Your romantic adult getaway should be unique to the needs and wants of your relationship. You can make memories that will last a lifetime–and create a renewed bond that will carry forward when you get back to your daily grind. So plan well, indulge in each other and make it count!

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