Can Pheromone Perfume Help You In Your Search For Love?

Can wearing a pheromone perfume boost your attractiveness to the opposite sex? Some say yes, some say no. But the big question is, can a pheromone perfume work for you? Only one way to find out–try it!

Attractiveness to the opposite sex comes in many forms–physicality, emotions, intellect, values. But more and more people are convinced that a person’s receptiveness to someone’s pheromones adds another link in that chain of attributes. They often look to the animal kingdom to support this belief. It’s proven that species from bees to dogs release certain chemicals that guide every aspect of animal life from breeding to feeding.

In scientific terms, a pheromone is, “A chemical signal that triggers a natural response in another member of the same species,” explains Adds, “They are typically secreted onto the skin or hair, and then travel through the air and have an effect when inhaled. Very tiny amounts of pheromones can have large effects when inhaled.“

So that’s the science stuff. Now you’re wondering, “What can pheromones do for me?“ Wearing pheromone perfume could cause others to see you as a more desirable person to talk to, enhance your attractiveness and youthfulness. If you’re looking to relate to someone sexually, there’s a chance pheromones can increase your sexual attractiveness, which might up the number of encounters you’ll experience. Pheromones have also been known to stimulate happy and calm feelings, but also anxiety if overused. Keep in mind that not all scents attract all people–some women might be turned off by a pheromone that has other women flocking to the man who’s wearing it. Same thing applies for women’s scents that may or may not attract men.

ABC once tested the pheromone theory by sending two sets of identical twins (one male set, one female) to a speed-dating event. One of the guys and one of the women wore a pheromone. Even though the twins looked the same, they exuded a different scent. Guess which twins ended up with the most people wanting to meet them again? That’s right–the ones wearing pheromones.

Moral of the story? Wearing a pheromone perfume could work for you. If you’re looking for love, you’ve got everything to gain by looking at how the birds and the bees do it!

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