Star Sign Compatibility – Just One Way To Assess Your Potential Soulmate

When looking for love, some of us turn to star sign compatibility to determine if someone is our soulmate. Others base this life-altering decision on looks, intuition, religion, values and so on. Embracing a soulmate is hugely important in actualizing our happiness and personal growth. But our high divorce rate shows we don’t always look deeply enough before we dive in.

According to, “An estimated 83% of divorces would not occur if people simply asked the right questions while dating.” So it’s vital to speak your mind, ask your questions and find out everything you can if you think someone’s “the one” for you, whether you're interested in star sign compatibility or other issues. Here’s a little background on five “questioning” topics:star sign compatibility


Can a Democrat adore a Republican? Can a Catholic find true happiness with an atheist? Questions about religious and political beliefs often mark the cornerstone of early dating conversations. By knowing yourself and what role religion and politics play in your life, you’ll instinctively know what questions to ask and what answers are “right” for you. Whether religion and politics matter a whole lot-or very little- to you, this is one area where it’s easy to find out if you’re compatible and whether you can overlook it if you’re not.


For many couples, career issues can make or break a relationship. Initially, it might not seem so significant, but over the long term, career compatibility is vital. In a healthy relationship, each partner supports the other’s goals, dreams and desires. If one of you has a career that frustrates the other, your relationship will pay the price.

So find out early about each other’s employment aspirations. For example, is one of you traveling all the time? Will this continue? Are long hours away from home and each other a requirement for one or both of you? How does salary impact your relationship? Can you live with it if one of you makes more? These are important issues to sort out in the present so they don’t tear you apart in the future.


Are you on the same wavelength sexually as your partner? What yardstick do you use to measure sexual compatibility? And most important, can you talk about these intimate issues to ensure you’re in sync? The list of lovemaking-related topics is endless. Are you a sex toy enthusiast? Is your partner? Is anal sex something you both want to explore? What about fantasies and role play? And what about that star sign compatibility when it comes to lovemaking? Make sure you sound out your partner’s deepest desires and what he or she is comfortable with. That’s the best way to find the right sexual soulmate, with or without star sign compatibility.


This is a huge matter where compatibility is essential. There are only three outcomes to this discussion: You both want kids. You want kids and your partner doesn’t. Or your partner does and you don’t. If you’re looking at a long-term relationship (and child-bearing and rearing are still on the table in terms of your ages), this is an area where you must agree. The consequences for your relationship-not to mention any children you might have-are life changing and significant.

Leisure Time/Activities

People are often drawn to each other because of common interests and activities. That’s natural. And a lot of early relationship moments will be spent pursuing these commonalities. But if you’re looking at a longer-term relationship, you must ask if these common interests are sustainable and whether they’re the real basis of your attraction, especially if you’re considering living together or marrying. Before you take those steps, find out if your leisure time compatibility really works. Once you move in together, how much time will you devote to each other and your hobbies, both mutual and shared ones. How much time will be spent with friends, with family, at work, at religious functions, volunteering and other commitments? Does one of you really want to just curl up, relax and rest on a Sunday afternoon, though in your dating life you were always active and on the move?

Whether you’re looking at star sign compatibility, sexual compatibility, careers, activities, politics, religion or children, asking the right questions can help ensure you make a choice that will fulfill you over your lifetime.

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