Can you save a marriage? That’s a tricky question. Much of the answer depends on the extent of your issues, your mutual willingness to try to work things out and your basic trust and love for each other. 

If you’re willing to make the effort, this article offers some basic tips.

Obviously, it can be difficult if your marriage is knee-deep in trouble. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be where you are now. However, it is possible to save a marriage,  especially if the problem is quite new and recent.

There are several methods that might help revive a dying marriage. 

marriage in crisis

These methods can be classified into two broad categories: One where you deal directly with each other, the second where you deal with a professional marriage counselor.

In this article, we highlight the first method–basic things you can try on your own. As a couple, you know each other pretty well. You recognize each other’s personalities, weaknesses and strengths.

Here’s how that understanding of each other can help save a marriage:

Tips To Help Save Your Marriage

  • Just talk: If your problem is due to a conflict of opinions and interests, sit down and talk to each other to sort out your differences. It’s always possible to listen to each other’s problems and apprehensions, but to do this successfully, you need to let go of egoistic tendencies, personal prejudices and selfishness.

  • Make time for each other: Many marital problems occur because couples don’t find time for each other. Boredom and isolation are two of the biggest enemies in married life. You must find enough private time to hold each other and talk over your marriage in detail.

  • Get trusted advice: If your crisis reaches a flash point, it’s going to be hard to find a long-lasting solution. Nevertheless, you can try to get help by talking together with close friends or family members. Just remember to choose your listeners wisely. You won’t succeed if the people you turn to for help favor one or the other of you and can’t be objective.

  • Get away alone: If the problem is quite new, you can still patch up your differences by taking a vacation to some remote place where you can forget past events, focus solely on each other and work out what you want your future to be.

  • Don’t get green eyes: It is possible to save a marriage by removing jealousy as an issue in your relationship. Many couples develop jealousy over issues like career success and earnings, friendships or outside activities. Part of learning how to save a marriage is celebrating your mate’s successes, not resenting them.
  • Be faithful: Never commit adultery or fall prey to illicit relationships. Infidelity is a major cause of divorce. Avoid this temptation. If you can’t, it may well be time to move on unless you both agree that an open relationship suits you both.

Marriage is like a miracle tonic that can create a permanent bond between you and your spouse. But this bond is only viable if you are committed and faithful to each other in both your personal and professional lives.

A stable marriage is permanent. When the problems pile up and disappointments creep in, you’ll start asking this tricky question–is it possible to save a marriage?

Only you and your spouse can determine the answer.

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