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WELCOME to Relationship-Advice-For-Love.com. We offer a wide range of articles on topics for both couples and singles. Our goal is to help you achieve that “perfect mix” that brings intimacy, joy and fulfillment to your life. If you’re not in love but want to be, we offer advice that can help on your journey of achieving that goal, too.

We look at relationships from a realistic point of view. While it’s nice to believe in “happily ever after,” most couples experience bumps in the road. For some, these bumps–like personality differences, addictions and infidelity–compromise the long-term survival of a relationship. For others, the bumps are less drastic and it’s just a matter of learning to accept each other more fully and embrace your time together.

All articles appearing on this site are vetted by a counselor with 20+ years of experience helping individuals and couples dealing with a range of issues including relationship repair and enhancement, promoting trust and intimacy, grief and abuse recovery and family violence prevention. If you’re looking for advice regarding sexual matters, we invite you to visit our partner site.  We’re glad to be part of your journey.

Your Relationship Advice For Love Team

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