Dating Tips For Shy Guys Help You Build Confidence With Women

If you need dating tips for shy guys, read on. It’s hard enough to find the right woman, but deep down you know your shyness can hamper your efforts. Building confidence is the only way to move forward, so here are some dating tips for shy guys to help do just that.

One place to start is learning how to read a woman’s body language, and adapt yours accordingly. Since a lot of early attraction between two people is non-verbal–the classic scenario of seeing each other across a crowded room–learning this skill is important.

Explains, “Women are always looking for body signals from us guys. If we make the right moves and send the right signals, then it doesn't matter how we look or how much we make: our body communication will make women chemically and emotionally attracted to us! Body language COUNTS.”

Here are three ways to focus on these important dating tips for shy guys:

The Eyes Have It:
This is often the first way you communicate your interest in a woman. Nothing shows confidence right off the bat like meeting a woman’s eyes and holding that gaze. If you see her look down and smile, you know you’ve made it and the time to approach is now. If she looks away from you but doesn’t smile, give her a shot nonetheless; just the fact that she met your eyes for a second or two shows she may be interested.

Use Your Smile: It’s often overlooked, but nothing communicates happiness, confidence and interest in a woman like your smile. Smiling shows her you’re confident and are a fun guy to be around. What woman wants to connect with a sad-faced guy? So use your smile–it’s one of your best assets. (And if your teeth need work, try to put aside the funds to get them fixed. Looks aren’t everything, but you’ll strengthen your chances and confidence level with a healthy looking smile.)

Relax Your Body Language: 
In social settings, do you stand with your arms crossed? Does your face display an anxious or flat expression? Are your legs so close together they might as well be glued that way? All of these affectations convey the opposite of what you need to convey. They’re signs of closed body language. Women will often perceive that if your body language is closed, so are you. Best advice? Relax. Keep your arms at your sides, your face warm and inviting and your legs more relaxed. You’ll not only potentially make yourself more attractive, you’ll also attract more people generally at a party, club or bar who might end up introducing you to your future girlfriend (or wife!).

Try to engage in social situations that will allow you to practice these skills. Once you master them, these dating tips for shy guys should help you be more approachable to women, and give you the confidence to make the approach yourself.

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