The Best Dating Women Tips: Pay Attention To How You Sound and Look

If you’re dating women tips on how to present yourself can make all the difference to your success. Just as you’ll be impressed by how she looks and talks, she’ll be impressed by how you look and talk.

We've asked some experts for advice on the best dating women tips. Here are some of their suggestions.

• Let her know you have aspirations and goals. If you show her you’re a wanderer with no real direction, she won’t see you as a candidate for settling down with her.

• Listen attentively when she speaks, and remember to let her speak. Don’t monopolize the conversation. Part of listening is making genuine eye contact with her as you process what she has to say.

• Stay away from offensive topics that could cause friction. A little spirited debate on politics or religion is okay, but don’t cross the line to argument.

• Use humor in good taste if you’re sharing jokes or funny stories. Remember, men and women often have different views on what’s funny and what’s not.

• Another taboo topic on early dates is talking about your exes. Your inquisitive date may pump you for info on this. If you can’t keep to the idea of, “A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell,” keep the info short, sweet and move onto another topic. Don’t get into details of your last breakup, especially if it was bad.

• Are you rich, successful and career fulfilled? Great. But don’t brag about it. Focusing your conversation on things like this may convey that you’re all about status and money, not about finding true love with the right woman.

• Don’t be a geek. If she’s not into your techie world, keep this topic to a minimum. If you love sci-fi and she doesn’t, don’t go there. One of the best dating women tips is learning to balance a conversation. You and your date won’t always be interested in all the same things, so try to find an appropriate balance of your mutual interests early on.

That’s a bit about what to say. Now here’s some advice on how to say it. When you’re getting to know each other, don’t bore her to death with extraneous details. Keep stories about your experiences short. Use some positive body language, like gestures and facial expressions, to show your passion for your topics. Use pauses to create some drama in your conversation. Used properly, well-placed pauses can leave her hanging on your every word.

Now onto looking your best . . . The key to looking good is to be presentable. You don’t have to look like James Bond to make a good impression, but you need to show your date that you care enough about her (and yourself) to make an effort.

If you’re not sure what shows your physique to its best advantage, ask a male or female friend who knows about clothes to help you choose. Clothing store staff can also be your allies–they’re there to help you look your best. Clothes should express who you are, while at the same time, keeping you in your comfort zone. If you’re super casual, dressing in a business suit could zap your confidence and make you uncomfortable. So look presentable, but be yourself.

If you’re dating women tips on how to speak and what to say can be invaluable in helping you “get the girl.” Good luck!

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