Stress reducing tips are one technique you can use if stress is negatively impacting your relationship. 

Sometimes the ups and downs of life seem hard to bear, but keep in mind that stress can add flavour and spice to your life. After all, how boring would your existence be without events and people to challenge you?

The problem comes when those events and people reach an unbearable threshold or occur one on top of the other. Then your life will be subjected to repeating physical and psychological problems and managing stress becomes a critical survival tactic. Unmanaged stress can decimate your self-esteem, decrease professional performance, reduce personal productivity and ultimately damage your self image and confidence. And if you're in a relationship, you can bet your partner will feel the impact of your life stresses every day.

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Adopting stress reducing tips can be hard. Stress is unique to each one of us, and its intensity varies widely among people. It’s also difficult to quantify the extent of damage or ill effects that are caused due to stress. As a result, employing stress reducing tips depends mainly on your individual efforts and personalized methods. The main key to stress reducing tips is to create strategies that fit you as a unique individual. Below are some well-known methods that work for many people.

Stress Reducing Tips

  • Make a list . . . Write down all the events, situations and reasons that might cause stressful moments. You can also write down the level of stress for each. Then write down the effects of these situations so you can quantify them. Managing stress is actually very easy once you know and identify the factors that lead to it.

  • Start taking control of your stress . . . It's possible when you know how to take control in a meaningful manner. It’s not possible to control each and every factor that causes your stress. There are factors and reasons that are simply out of your control, like a terminal disease or a death in the family. However, you can control how you react. Even with severe after-effects of such events, you can learn to beat the stress by sheer willpower and determination. Create small changes in your life that are known to bring down the stress level.

  • Learn to reject some situations that lead to stress . . . Say a BIG NO to these situations. It takes a lot of self-will and effort to do this, but effectively implementing stress reducing tips is all about taking control of your own emotions and thinking processes. Don’t overload your mind with unnecessary activities or plans that have the potential to introduce stress in your life.

  • Learn to rise above challenges that frequently occur . . . Disappointments, sadness, anger and frustration are all part of your life. Though they can be devastating and therefore difficult to overcome, you can learn techniques by which you resist the ill effects. Be positive and develop the self-confidence that results when you know you can manage stress.

Sometimes, though, you will need to take things as they come and gracefully accept that there are unwanted, uncontrollable things you never wished for, like death and separation, that will come your way.

Though it’s very difficult to come out of these situations, you can still make a sincere effort. Think of these as life-building experiences and remember that you will grow as a person for having overcome the challenges they brought to you. Better yet, your personal efforts may help smooth over bumps stress has caused in your relationship.

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