The demand for free marriage counseling has seen a tremendous growth in the recent years. Though this demand may seem like a negative commentary on the state of the nation’s relationships, committed married couples feel it’s a necessity to set right troubled relationships right and end discord and distress.

pre marriage counseling

Free marriage counselling or even counseling you have to pay for, is a useful step forward. Today’s techniques have evolved considerably when compared to past methods. But never assume these techniques will permanently cure marital woes; rather they act as catalysts to hasten the process of marriage revival and renewal, and require ongoing commitment from both husband and wife to have long-lasting benefits.

Many approaches are practiced today. These techniques can change a couple’s perspective from good to bad and stimulate positive change. Each technique has a defined purpose to initiate the best results.

Many marriage/family counseling methods are perceived as a method of intervention to stabilize a trouble relationship.


  • Communication Building Techniques: The essence of all marriages is proper and relevant communication. Bad communication can be dangerous; it has the power to destroy families. Counseling involves active intervention by a counselor to teach proper communication methods and help couples understand how a lag in communication can wreck even a stable marriage.

  • Family Outings, Special Vacation and Leisure Method: Boredom and isolation within the family structure can create a situation that is conducive to marriage problems. The counselor will arrange a special “caring” day for the couple to stay with each other, spending invaluable time together. The counselor will try to impart the importance of being together using appropriate tools and techniques.

  • Family Counseling Meetings: These meetings provide couples time to talk to their heart’s content about problems and grievances. Family meetings help couples provide a good and close structure for their family unions, encourage full participation in all events and facilitate better communication.

These are some examples that many counselors employ. Counselors customize them according to the problems a family is facing. If counseling is ongoing, the techniques may be modified over time.

Free marriage counseling-or even counseling you have to pay for-focuses on marriage revival that will benefit both couples and their families. By prescribing appropriate, personalized techniques, a counselor will work with you to set your relationship right.

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