Using Personal Time Management To Get More Time With Your Partner

Using effective personal time management is one way to find more time in your life for your significant other. For many of us, life is hectic, and it's often our significant relationship that pays the price.

Countless adults fight a daily battle to meet personal, work and family needs. Many children are equally challenged trying to balance school, friends and activities.

Gone are those carefree days when childhood meant wiling away endless hours through play, when adult concerns like personal time management didn’t matter. The truth is, most adults can never quite relax knowing they have endless home, work and family priorities hanging over their heads. And that can negatively impact the intimacy you crave with those around you, especially your significant other.

personal time management

Before you can begin setting personal time management goals, your first step is to gauge how much time you’re wasting. One of the best ways to find out is to keep a detailed account of everything you do while you’re working or at home.

By tracking, you might discover you wander away from your desk more than you should. You might find repetition in your tasks that could be streamlined or discover you’re attending unproductive and unnecessary meetings that take up lots of time. On the home front, you might find yourself heading to the grocery store three times a week because you’re always out of something. How much time would you save if you kept a running shopping list and only had to shop once? So keep a log of your tasks and activities for seven days, then review it. You’ll probably be shocked when you see the numbers.

When you ask, "What is personal time management?" think about it in terms that apply to you. One of the first answers to that question is thinking about what you want to accomplish and setting small goals to get there. You can set a few larger goals, but it’s key to make smaller goals that lead to finishing each larger goal. Think about taking baby steps so you can learn to walk in the long run. Make sure you include some personal goals, even if you’re working on time management for your job, because if you’re personally happy and in control of your time, your work life can improve and so can your relationship.

One of the most important things to consider when you’re thinking about personal time management is to act, not procrastinate. Once you’ve found your weak spots, make a huge effort to change your habits. This is the hard part, but with a little work, you can do it. You’ll be better at this than you thought once you put your mind to it.

And once you start turning things around, others might ask what you’ve done to be more productive. Sharing your personal time management expertise with friends, family and co-workers can help them, too. Most importantly, share your solutions with your partner. If you're committed to making more time for your relationship, your partner should be, too.

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