How To Attract Men? Pay Attention To You!

When you’re thinking about how to attract men, do you turn into a nervous wreck? Do lingering doubts tell you that you should be a totally different person to win a guy? Do you feel like you have to sublimate all the wonderful aspects of your personality to be attractive?

If so, you must overcome this harmful way of thinking. Remember, the person you want to be is already inside you. You may just need a confidence boost for others to see it, too!

The real wisdom about how to attract men is putting yourself on equal footing with them. After all, the kind of man you want needs to be on the same page as you, so here are three tips to boost your confidence:

Look after yourself

You might think this is about being a flawless beauty. Not so. It’s as simple as this: If you want to be better at how to attract men, you need to let everyone see that you care enough to look your best. It’s not about physical perfection. Who has that anyway? It’s showing men that you care enough about you to always look your best.

How often are you attracted to a man who looks pretty darned good? Even if he’s not without a few flaws, you can see he’s got it together. To attract that type of guy, you need to make yourself just as presentable as he is.

Would you want to date someone who has no regard for hygiene? Who can’t be bothered to run a comb through his hair or wear decent, clean clothes? Any guy who’s let go of himself will lower his chances of finding a partner–and that applies to women, as well.

What’s most important in the looks department? First, being fresh and clean is paramount. You may have an awesome personality, but men will be more likely to see it if you put forward a “presentable” package.

This is where regular showers and other daily habits such as flossing, brushing your teeth and shaving come in. Why let cleanliness get in the way of meeting eligible men?

Try putting on a fragrance that distinctly defines you. Spritz on a light perfume that doesn’t overpower, but is pleasant enough to catch a guy’s attention at the first whiff. Just keep in mind that too much scent can be a huge turn-off.

Also, don’t be shy with lotions (like vanilla or other similarly enticing scents) to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth. There’s nothing like a feminine appearance of delicate softness to appeal to a guy’s masculine sensibilities.

This same goes with your sense of style. Try on outfits that amplify your womanly attributes. Keep in mind the “less is more” rule. A man who’s distracted by too much skin won’t be paying much attention to your sparkling personality. Looking good doesn’t mean baring too much. A tasteful outfit should bring out your feminine essence, expose just enough skin and accentuate your curves.

If you need help with this, ask people in your life who have a knack for style and fashion to help you choose clothes that’ll keep you classy and sensual at the same time. The most elegant wardrobes allow a hint of skin in the right places–and any guy with the tiniest bit of imagination will be intrigued enough to take notice!

Regarding hair, consult with a stylist to help narrow down a customized appearance that complements your face and personality. Whether your hairstyle is straight, wavy or curly, the important thing is that it’s clean, lustrous and fully expresses your unique identity.

Fitness, too, has a lot to do with being a woman who has inner confidence. You don’t need a perfect body mass index, but you do need to make an effort. Busy women have loads of excuses to keep from working out regularly. However, if you can recognize the importance of fitness in the general scope of dating (or your health, for that matter), you can always find time to work on it.

The overall impact of your beautifying efforts weighs a lot more than your imperfections. True, we all have things we don’t like about our appearance. But that doesn’t matter when you are focusing on how to attract men. Most guys are willing to gloss over infinitesimal details if they see you’re the kind of woman who doesn’t neglect herself.

In an ideal world, we could look into each other’s inner beauty and that would be enough. However, how we present ourselves still matters when it comes to making a memorable first (and hopefully lasting!) impression.

Rely on yourself

Neediness in an emotional and material sense is one of the biggest roadblocks to greater attractiveness. Sure, guys may get the occasional kick out of being your knight in shining armor, but for the most part, letting them know you can live without their brute strength is an important element of how to attract men.

In many relationships, the balance of power is so lopsided against a woman that negative aspects, like being taken for granted, can seep in. If a man knows you can live without him, he may be inclined to treat you better and this can breed mutual respect.

It’s a human tendency to value something you could lose at any given moment, right? But don’t flaunt this fact in anyone’s face or use it as a way for a guy to submit to your whims. Just project a sense of independence. Most guys love it when they can’t have a 100% hold on a woman–you have no idea what self-sufficiency can do to their “hunting” instincts! Men are in it for the thrill of the chase, and knowing that he can’t “tame” you is plenty of fuel for his masculine drive to conquer, pursue and achieve.

Tapping into this wellspring of a man’s personality by using your independent personality can help you learn more about how to attract men.

Get a life!

Hopefully, you have a life, because pursuing a relationship-or being in one-can obscure the importance of having a well-balanced existence.

Even if you want to learn more about how to attract men to improve your dating situation, remember that you have a lot of other things to be passionate about. And passion for these things can make you more attractive and dateable in a guy’s eyes. Jumping into a relationship just so you can have one isn’t the right away to go about it.

When you’re dedicated to improving yourself as a whole person, you become more interesting and compelling to know. This is a core element in how to attract men. For your dating life to flourish, you need to grow a healthy, well-nourished garden, namely a happening life filled with things and people you care about. A man is more likely to be riveted by a woman who has weekly brunches with her family, regularly attends a fitness class and excels at her career. This interesting woman may also have a bunch of other hobbies that open her up to opportunities to meet other similarly appealing people.

And the great thing about this is, you aren’t actively seeking a man’s validation or approval; living as a confident, independent woman naturally does this for you. The best way is to get involved in other things that interest you aside from how to attract men.

The way you treat yourself is a like a big, neon sign that tells men how they should treat you. That’s why the way you handle yourself–be it in terms of looks, self-sufficiency or lifestyle–is a reflection of what kind of woman you are, and by extension, the kind of men you seek.

When you send the right kind of message, you have a much better chance that quality men are going to pick up on your signal. When that happens, you'll know you've built the necessary skills on how to attract men.

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