Tips On Flirting Can Boost Your Confidence

Sometimes, tips on flirting offer the best opportunity to become more successful at attracting men. Every day, life is full of little chances that help you be more of a “people person,” which will boost your confidence when you’re interacting with the opposite sex.

Even the most mundane situations create opportunities to develop your conversational skills and self-confidence, whether at work, at play or in social situations.

Understandably, women with underdeveloped mingling skills won’t be used to kicking off a great conversation. The thought of chatting with strangers can be downright scary. That’s where tips on flirting can help. All it takes is practice. By learning the basic aspects of being a friendlier, more approachable version of yourself, men will more naturally responsive to you.

Is your idea of being a good flirt lacing your conversation with sexual overtones? This is a misconception that’s given the fine art of flirting a bad rap. Tips on flirting show you it’s all about your ability to elicit good feelings in another person. It’s about spreading feel-good vibes to people you meet without wanting anything in return (like a date or romantic attention). That said, although your goal is simply to have fun with everyone, the ironic twist is that you’ll also attract guys in the process!

Once you learn to come across as a woman who has a natural tendency to make everyone around her feel great, you’ll realize that’s what good flirting is about. If men associate your presence with positive emotions , they’ll want to be around you. So how do you work on your skills? Here’s a few starters:

Give compliments

You want to make people feel good about themselves with no ulterior motive . If it’s obvious you’re just sucking up to a someone, he’ll be turned off. Compliments should be sincere so they resonate with the person you’re talking to. To create that sincerity, use your powers of observation.

Keep your eyes peeled for things to compliment people on. The next time you run into someone you can talk to for a bit, make him feel good with some well-placed words of praise that establish some rapport and validate his personal interests.

This initial contact can serve as a starting point for a longer conversation. Often, all it takes is for you to notice something you honestly like and give him props for it. Everyone likes to be heard and showing interest goes a long way.

Keep it light and fun

In addition to making others feel good, you need to know you can’t generate those feelings in someone if you don’t feel good about yourself .

Anyone with an infectiously pleasant personality knows that having a positive attitude begets the same vibe from people around them. That’s why you need to be “in the zone” when you’re mingling. Your level of energy must be just as high (if not higher) than the person you’re talking to. Otherwise, tips on flirting won’t help you.

This doesn’t mean you have to morph into a hyperactive version of yourself. Just apply a few pointers so you’re always in top form. For example, thinking too much is one of the biggest positive attitude-killers. Some women have a tendency to let their “inner chatter” distract them. Most of us sometimes make the mistake of trying too hard to sound witty or clever. The result is that you end up thinking of what to say next without bothering to listen to the person in front of you.

This “inner chatter” defeats the very purpose of flirting, which is to establish rapport by being playful, relaxed and fun-loving. Driving yourself crazy with thoughts like, “I hope this guy likes me,” will only keep you from giving him your full attention-which is the most attracting thing you can do!

So keep your ears open to the conversation and shut off your internal chatter . Then you’ll be in tune with things he might say about his interests and values so you can respond with your own comments that complement his and create some common ground.

Don’t obsess about the outcome

Psyching yourself out by obsessing over a failed attempt at flirting isn’t productive. No one gets it right every time. Relax into the moment and keep a cool head. Flirting is just a playful way of testing the waters. Lighthearted verbal exchanges help you discover if your personalities are going to mesh well.

Keeping the big picture in mind and taking these little hiccups in stride by staying positive is actually an attractive trait to have. Remember, the motivation for flirting is to simply share your joy for living with others.

That’s a lot easier to do than wanting people to like you. Go for an impression that tells men, “I’m having fun talking with you,” instead of something off-putting like, “Won’t you please like me?”

The important thing about tips on flirting is to totally focus on the other person. Did he laugh at your jokes? Great! Did he give you the cold shoulder? Great!

What happens after your conversation is irrelevant. If you spend the whole time thinking about the outcome, you won’t be focused on him. The great thing about these experiences is that you can always learn from your accomplishments (or mistakes).

So the next time you head out of the house, take these tips on flirting and apply them. Ditch the negative self-talk and leave your unreasonably harsh inner critic at home. Look for ways to pay compliments and create good-feeling vibes in those you meet without worrying about the outcome. Look and listen so you can welcome the chances that come your way. Tips on flirting can help you!

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